The Most Commonly Found Mental Disorders Among Teenagers In The Modern World

Psychology is a field of study that has long since been ignored by doctors along the way, but has risen to a rather amazing place in the world today. Even so, many individuals still refuse to believe that mental disorders are actually existent and they can affect our lives greatly. Out of the entire population present in the world today, a majority of the teenagers are said to be suffering from some sort of mental health issue. Varying from major depression, anxiety, panic attacks there is a lot more too. Let’s break them down in to the most common disorders that teenagers today are suffering from.

Anxiety Disorders

One of the most commonly found disorders today are anxiety disorders. Anxiety disorders come in the form of Generalized Anxiety disorder, Panic Disorders, OCD and there is more as well. GAD is found in a lot of teenagers now a days and this form of anxiety is not the most serious form that is found. Panic disorders are more serious as they can lead one to mentally breakdown multiples a day at the least. OCD is a bit rare, but it is also rather hard to live with. Anxiety treatment can happen in forms of therapy or drugs as well. Letting your friends and family know of these issues within you can help you a lot in dealing with it. Anxiety disorders can tend to be a lot more complicated, like post – traumatic stress disorder. Visit this link for more info on anxiety treatment Gold Coast.

Eating Disorders

This is a very serious and life crippling form of disorder that can affect the patient’s life heavily. Bulimia and anorexia are the two main forms of eating disorders that are mostly found in the younger generation. Bulimia tends to make a person binge eat a vast amount of food followed by them feeling immensely guilty or ashamed which then leads to them throwing up the stomach contents. It is also part of an emotional disorder as well. Anorexia tends to make a persona not eat anything at all lading to outrageous amounts of weight loss and physical problems. Eating Disorder Treatment Gold Coast cannot be done through a normal doctor but in fact requires professional psychological help. The patients need to go through therapy to help them with body image issues to stop the disorder.

Mood Disorders

This can be broken down to Major Depression and Bipolar Disorder. Mood Disorders are also pretty serious and require proper help. They can ruin someone’s day to day life in left untreated. Depression can even be fatal and put a permanent end to a person’s life, which is why it is very important to always get help.